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Want to Strengthen Your Coworking Community? Serve, Serve, Serve


Your members are home.

They may be scared, they may be overwhelmed and they may be isolated.

Now is not the time to go into the corner and freak out about your business.

Now is the time to lean in to your community and serve, serve, serve.

Live your purpose.

Demonstrate your commitment to your members and your extended community.

Share your vision for connection and transformation.

Connect people and connect with people.

Find ways to help, both personally and professionally.

Help alleviate isolation and loneliness with check-ins and regular communication.

In doing these things, you get to serve your fellow humans, which I believe is our highest collective ideal.

You can also strengthen your community, your impact and your brand.

If you run a community-focused coworking space, prove it.

Take a service mindset and get into action.

Your members are waiting.

Your coworking space is amazing. Your marketing can be too.


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