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What the Eff is Coworking?


I had a hilarious and insightful conversation this week that I absolutely must share with you.

Last Tuesday, I was chatting with a young, brand new member of my home coworking space. He technically joined a month or so ago but has been traveling so he hasn’t spent much time with us.

He told me about his trip and I said, “Well you’re back just in time for Coworking Day.”

He laughed and said, “What the eff is that?”

I explained that Coworking Day was a day to celebrate the global coworking community—that spaces all around the world were in on the fun.

He nodded, but still looked a little puzzled.

I realized the miscommunication wasn’t around Coworking Day, but around coworking itself.

So I said, “You know, what we’re doing right here: working together, chatting, connecting with other members, getting cool stuff done.”

Then it clicked.

“Oh, okay!”

What a reminder that there’s still so much room for education, both inside and outside of your space.

As we ramp up for this month’s Coworking Convo on educating your community about coworking, don’t forget the people who are already in your space who may need more communication about who you are, what you’re about and how they can participate not just in the space, but in the community.

Let’s make sure coworking members know they’re part of something special.

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