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5 Things Coworking Pros Love About Clubhouse


ICYMI, Clubhouse is all the rage right now—and for good reason. The audio-only social app enables real-time connection between experts, teachers, students, networks, allies, communities and everyday people in a way we haven’t experienced before.

With its low barrier to entry, Clubhouse has the potential to be a great equalizer. It’s on its way, but until there’s an Android version of the app, it’s not there yet.

As with all social tools, there are malicious actors on the platform and Clubhouse is raising some privacy concerns as, but Clubhouse users are able to curate their own Clubhouse experience and new security measures and features are being added regularly.

I don’t know enough about what’s happening behind the scenes to make a grand endorsement of Clubhouse—we’re all learning as we go. I will say, however, that I am absolutely blown away by the quality of dialogue, brave conversations, connection, fun and education I’ve experienced so far. And coworking Clubhouse is growing and evolving by the day.

In advance of Friday’s Coworking Convo on using Clubhouse to promote your coworking space, we checked in with our guests to see why they like most about Clubhouse. Here’s what we found:

Karina Patel, Pacific Workplaces, CloudVO

“The absence of video. I absolutely love that I can show up and not have to turn my video on. I like that it’s just me and my voice. It forces me to listen and be present in conversations.”

Tobias Kremkau, St. Oberholz, German Coworking Federation

“I’m fascinated by the idea of a social audio network because talking is almost the most straightforward form of communication for most people, and it’s also hands-free. Hence, it carries a lot more emotion than writing. Clubhouse may be a pioneer app here that has taken the first step. I’m much more excited about the road ahead.”

Jami Ballentine Dolby, Kazi Society

“I love that I’m able to connect with so many different people over random topics. One of the things I enjoy most is that you can be in room about peanut butter and apples and meet a podcaster who likes to jump ropes in the rain. Where else can you find out interesting facts about people and still have a business connection with them within a week?”

Mari Rosas, co.co.haus

“Clubhouse is as if a live podcast and NPR radio had a baby. Awesome content but you can instantly connect with the entire audience—both hosts and listeners.”

Shervonne Cherry, Spark Coworking

“Sharing and connecting with humans around the world that I never would have dreamt of meeting. The ability to share my knowledge and experience working within startup ecosystems with the global community that is Clubhouse is so refreshing.”

Your turn: What do you like about Clubhouse? What concerns do you have? Share in the comments or message me on LinkedIn.

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