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The Secret to Great Headlines for Your Coworking Blog



Are you overlooking one of the most important aspects of creating engaging content?

If you’re spending time on your coworking blog posts but just slapping the first headline that comes to mind on them, you might be wasting your time and the opportunity to get your content in front of your target audience.

Your headlines need to be clear, focused and compelling to get people to click through and read your posts. This is an essential aspect of content marketing.

Before I write the first word of a post, I have the headline written. I make exceptions here and there but probably 90 percent of my posts are written around a focused, keyword-focused headline.

To get to that, I try a lot of different headlines. Several years ago, I adopted a strategy to write 25 headlines before deciding on one.

Yes, 25.

I learned the 25 headlines strategy from Upworthy, but it’s a great exercise that countless content creators and companies have adopted.


The idea is that a bunch of the headlines you write will be throwaways. But, as you dig deeper into your creativity and the topic, you’ll unearth some pretty good ones and ideally come up with a gem.

I know, 25 is a lot. I feel you. I don’t always get to 25, but I do try a bunch of headlines for every post. Here are the ones I drafted for this post:

  • Want Great Headlines for Your Coworking Blog? Write 25 of Them
  • Want to Level-Up Your Coworking Blog? Write 25 Headlines
  • Why You Should Write 25 Headlines for Your Next Blog Post
  • To Improve Your Coworking Blog Headlines, Write More of Them
  • Why You Need Two Dozen Headlines for Your Next Blog Post
  • If You Suck at Writing Headlines, Write More of Them
  • The Simple Trick to Writing Better Headlines
  • The Secret to Writing Great Blog Post Headlines
  • Are You Making this Common Mistake with Your Coworking Blog?
  • 15 Minutes to Better Blog Posts for Your Coworking Space
  • The Secret to Great Headlines for Your Coworking Blog
  • How Pros Create Click-worthy Blog Posts
  • ProTip to Driving More Traffic to Your Coworking Blog
  • The Brilliant Strategy for Creating Great Headlines for Your Coworking Blog
  • Writing Headlines for Your Coworking Blog: the Insider’s Secret
  • Don’t Hit Publish On Your Next Post Until You Read This
  • The Secret to Great Blog Headlines: Write a Lot of Them
  • How to Unlock Your Brilliance and Write Can’t-Miss Headlines
  • How to Unlock Your Brilliance and Create Killer Headlines
  • The Expert Trick to Writing Great Headlines
  • How to Write Great Headlines: an Insider’s Secret
  • This Simple Exercise to Write Better Headlines for Your Coworking Blog
  • The Simple Exercise to Generate Better Headlines
  • The Proven Approach to Writing Outstanding Headlines
  • You Need Better Headlines. Here’s How You Do It
  • How to Write Better Headlines for Your Coworking Content

Stuck in the middle of all those headlines is the one I chose: The Secret to Great Headlines for Your Coworking Blog

I chose it because it contains a keyword phrase I target, “coworking blog,” it’s compelling with the whole “secret” thing, it’s clear what the post is about, and it will stand the test of time as an evergreen.

Headlines weigh heavily for SEO. They’re also one of the best (sometimes only) ways you have to catch your ideal reader’s attention.

It takes practice to create concise, compelling headlines.

It’s a job that is never done and a craft that is never mastered. But it’s an important part of content marketing and a solid way to take your own content from loose and rambling to tight and on-point.

Craft a great headline with a strong promise, then create content that lives up to that promise.

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