2/8: Build Your Personal Brand: A Workshop for Coworking Space Operators.

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You Can’t Buy Community

Community, community, community! We talk a lot about community in coworking because community is your biggest differentiator. Someone can always out-spend you, out-fabulous you, out-flex you. But no one can

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Stop Phoning in Your Marketing

Are you phoning in your marketing? Just crossing items off a never-ending todo list? Marketing is so much bigger than your content calendar. It’s about connection, conversation and bringing people

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Be Generous with Praise

Be generous with praise. You never know when you might change someone’s life. When I was in high school, a teacher wrote on one of my reports, “I don’t know

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You Can’t Force Community

I was recently chatting with a fellow Peers Conference attendee in Austin, Texas. We were at a post-event happy hour swapping stories about working alone, freelancing and the benefits (and

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