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You Can’t Buy Community

Community, community, community! We talk a lot about community in coworking because community is your biggest differentiator. Someone can always out-spend you, out-fabulous you, out-flex you. But no one can

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Members of a coworking space

9 Simple Truths About Coworking

Coworking is growing so quickly that a whole segment of space owners, operators and community managers have joined the coworking industry—without having a sense of what makes a great coworking

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18 Ways I’ve Coworked this Month

Friendly reminder that you’re not selling desks and offices. You’re selling a work experience—a flexible, fun and creative experience that enables your members to do their best work. To illustrate

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Coworking and Mr. Rogers

I finally got around to watching the Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor. I knew I’d be inspired, and I was. What I wasn’t expecting was to learn that

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Stop Phoning in Your Marketing

Are you phoning in your marketing? Just crossing items off a never-ending todo list? Marketing is so much bigger than your content calendar. It’s about connection, conversation and bringing people

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100+ Instagram Hashtags for Coworking Spaces

Instagram hashtags are a good way to expand your reach on the platform and connect with your audience. Here are 100+ Instagram hashtags for coworking spaces. Pick and
choose the ones that are most relevant to your space and community, and
start sharing today.

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Yes! Content is a Lead Gen Strategy

Lead gen strategies for your coworking space, including Google My Business, CPC ads, social media ads, traditional marketing like direct mail….. can work really well. But don’t neglect content as

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10 Quick Wins to Improve Your Content Marketing

No matter where you are in your content journey, you can make improvements. Content is a long game. We try things, track what works and what doesn’t, course correct as necessary, and keep at it. Here are 10 quick wins to improve the content for your coworking space.

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