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20 Coworky Things to Read, Listen and Watch Before 2023

Happy holidays and seasons greetings!

As we careen toward a new year, here are 20 coworky things to read, listen and watch as you either decompress and relax or ramp up for a fresh and energized start in January.

1. πŸ“Ί Things We’re Leaving Behind in 2022

2. πŸ“– 9 Simple Truths About Coworking

3. πŸ“– Top 7 Coworking Podcasts For 2023: Must-Listens For Workspace Pros

4. 🎧 Coworking Brand, Content and Vibe with Emilie Lashmar

5. πŸ“– All Coworking Spaces are Not the Same

6. πŸ“Ί You Can’t Build Your Dream Playing Defense

7. 🎧 From Incarceration to Community Building

8. 🎧 Marketing and Building Community in a Coworking Space

9. πŸ“– The Massive Potential For Virtual Offices

10. πŸ“– My Truly Terrible Introduction to Coworking

11. πŸ“– 18 Ways I’ve Coworked This Month

12. πŸ“– As Coworking Explodes, Unactivated Spaces Will Get Left Behind

13. πŸ“– 5 Resources for Siloed Coworking Space Operators

14. πŸ“Ί The Potential of a Coworking Community

15. πŸ“– An Open Letter To Coworking

16. πŸ“Ί 7 Marketing Questions for 2023

17. πŸ“– 14 Remote Work Statistics (and What They Mean for Coworking)

18. πŸ“– How to Build Community in a Coworking Space: 22 Tips for Operators

19. πŸ“– 25+ Things Members Want From Your Coworking Space

20. πŸ“Ί The Best Thing About the Lab: Part One and Part Two

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